multicoloured interchangeable watches



A recent review from "Marian", which we thinks sums it up!

"Brilliant Idea

Love Jester watches: I have one watch and three straps etc and I mix and match them to co-ordinate (or clash!) with whatever I am wearing. Quick and easy to fit watch and strap together too."




Jester is the watch you customise. Faces in ten colours, bezels and straps in twelve colours - everything is changeable, fun, chic, sporty. The five interchangeable components click and slide together in seconds, and you have a bright, fashionable watch with a Japanese quartz movement which is water resistant to 50 metres.

Design a Jester Watch. Buy a single colour watch and an extra strap set. Add some different colour parts. Choose a present for a friend. Match your clothes. Pick your football club. So many choices.

Fashionable and unisex: Jester sports watches make a great present - or just have a change and buy yourself one! 





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